Blogging has gained popularity, and everybody is yearning to start a blog. You can find many blogs on the web of any topic you can think of. Many people engage in blogging to express their ideas and emotions. If you are new to the world of blogging and are looking for the best blogging platform for beginners to launch your new blog, below is a guide to help you.


WordPress is a free blogging platform available for everybody and enjoyable. It is highly customizable and well fitted to help a beginner gain ground in blogging. It has many themes and tools that are easy to use. The best part is that this platform is open-source meaning a blogger can add features, applications, add-ons or widgets which can be used in customizing their blog countless ways.


This is another famous blogging platform for beginners. It is a basic and easy to use platform for beginners looking to blog along the line of photos, videos, ideas, links or info. It has many free premium themes and advanced plugins to the beginner bloggers. The platform is also free, open-source and its layout is straightforward.


If you want to venture into microblogging, this is the right platform for you. The platform has an easy-to-use interface for a beginner to navigate around. It is an excellent platform for those exploring the blogging world with photos, audio, video or voice files due to the wide range of options that permit

On top of this, the platform allows you to link your social media platforms like twitter or facebook to enable you to update them from one place. The platform also will allow you to make community-powered group blogs. Third-party apps are supported by this platform.


Weeblyis another best blogging platform for beginners due to its neat and easy to use tools. This platform gives you a custom domain and the freedom to create the blog of your choice. It is hosted and permits you to create a blog by using drag and drop tools. You have plenty of themes at your disposal which you can
customize to suit your interface. Setting it up is quick and easy courtesy of the drag and drop options which makes it an excellent platform for a beginner without technical know-how. The downside with this platform is that it does not allow adding of new features. You can try the free plan before making the
actual purchase.


This is a free cloud-based platform that enables you to build your blog through drag and drop options. It has excellent and attractive templates which can be customized easily. It supports adding apps and social media links to your blog. The platform is well secured and trusted to use.


Blogging is a great and fun way to pass time, expressing your ideas, emotions or anything that you may like. To be successful in blogging, you need to choose the right platform to suit your taste. Choose one of the “best blogging platform for beginners” from the above guide and have fun blogging. You can even end up earning income by doing your hobby.

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