12 Reasons Why People Bounce Away From Your Content

Are you a good Content Marketer?

Does Content Marketing come easy to you?

Do you write great content that keeps your readers reading?

Have you ever wondered why they leave? It gets frustrating when you’ve written great content yet it still doesn’t seem to be working and you still don’t get the results you want. Clearly first impressions matter, so you need to make your opening paragraph a good one.

 Do you wonder why you have a high bounce rate?

 Here are 12 reasons you could be driving people away from your content:

  1. Too many adverts – Making money through your ads is a great thing, but scaring potential customers away with an overload of advertisements won’t serve you in any way. You need to reduce the amount of ads and also where they are displayed.
  1. You haven’t optimized your site for mobile – Over the past few years the number of people who now access the internet via mobile has grown exponentially, if you aren’t accommodating these changes then it really doesn’t matter how good your content is.
  1. Your content is difficult to read – Writers love to write, but the average person who lands on your page doesn’t always want to read lots of informative information, nowadays more and more people are leaving your page if they don’t find what you are saying to be useful to them right away.
  1. Your site lacks personality – Branding personality matters on your site and in your content marketing campaigns. You need people to understand who you are and if your site comes over as though anyone has written it, then you will end up having a problem connecting with potential customers.
  1. Your site is slow to load – load times matter when it comes to your website performance, below are some key stats taken from online research:
  • 48% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less
  • 42% leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.
  • Remember even a two second delay can decrease your customer satisfaction by about 10%.
  • Don’t put off optimizing your website! Put it on your list of things to do!

Image courtesy of: Fernando Amaro Caamaño

  1. Your content and products don’t live up to your landing page’s promises – Have you ever landed on a page that relates to one product then you click the link to purchase the product and you get taken to a totally different sales page? Trust me, it happens, don’t be one of those people!
  1. Your site doesn’t contain a lot of content – Nothing worse than coming across an amazing article to find the site itself doesn’t contain much content, what keeps potential customers surfing your website is lots of content, the more the better. Just adding content however isn’t always enough, you need to make sure it’s relevant and free of any errors. Lots of people don’t understand the importance of good “content marketing”.
  1. Not being easy to navigate – If potential customers land on your page and find it difficult to stay then you may not make a sale. Once you’ve got people to your site it’s important to keep them engaged with well written content. Try also to use lists, videos and pictures to break up your content.
  1. Your content is very outdated – It’s important to remember that “content marketing”, is all about marketing yourself with up-to-date content that your potential customers can relate too. Everyone nowadays is interested in new content and they want to know about the ‘latest’ and the ‘greatest’.
  1. Your use of the English language is too good – I know this may sound strange, but some people can’t read well written English, people who don’t understand what you are saying, will leave your website. So try to use easy to understand content! The average reader these days just wants to get the information they need and leave.
  1. Making your website trustworthy – Anyone can build a good website but how many of us have had the experience of buying a product and it not arriving? I know I have! You need to understand that building trust with your potential customers right away is a must and will keep them coming back. Show that you are reliable, show testimonials on your site of people happy with your product!
  1. Annoying auto-playing videos and music – How many of you land on a landing page and the music or video starts automatically? Therefore you leave! I have done this a number of times, it drives me mad. It’s super annoying, so don’t set your videos to auto=play, turn them off and give your visitors chance to turn on the video if they wish.

Here is what Digital Marketer has to say about the bounce rate. 






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