5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business

Start Your Own Online Business

Finding the motivation to quit your job and build your own online business can be difficult. Why should you waste your valuable time and starting your own online business? It takes time, it takes money, and it takes serious patience to navigate the steep learning curve.

This article will give you the top 5 reasons why you should stop sitting around wishing to be rich, and instead, working towards being filthy rich utilizing the power of the internet:

1. Freedom

How great is annual leave? You go on holiday, and you continue to get paid without having to go into the office. Think of your online business as having unlimited annual leave. You can quit your job, and still have money credited to your account on a weekly basis.

Imagine being able to just go to Thailand without caring when you are going to leave. You go to the beach, drink a mango shake, have a dip, and sun bathe. You go to the internet café on the way back to your hotel and check your back account. While you were lounging around, $0k was just credited to your account. You go to the airport and book first class tickets to Paris, you feel like some European adventures.

Your internet business is 100% automated. You need only invest in two things. One, the information required to set up your business, and two, the time required to build it to the stage where you can leave it running, generating you hundreds of thousands of dollars while you travel the world.


2. Unlimited Wealth

How much is your annual salary currently? If you worked twice as much, would your salary double? I highly doubt it. Over time is pretty much dead and gone. How about the internet, if you have one quality business making you $3k a month, if you made another quality business, would your income double to $6k? You bet your ass it would.

People are scared that with more people coming onto the internet to do business, competition will kill their opportunity to make money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As more businesses open up, more people will turn to the internet to buy things they need. There will be billions of potential customers joining the internet market place ever year. You need only go for the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. You need more money to fund your adventures? Feel free to go for a slightly bigger piece of the enormous pie that is the internet market place.

3. Be your own boss!

God I hated working for other people. Sure, you occasionally have a good boss. Someone that motivates you, leads by example, teaches and inspires you. However, most often you are cursed with a hypocritical tool that wastes your time and the companies while they delegate every single task to you.

With your internet business, you are the managing director, the governor, the king, the BOSS. You do what you want when you want. If you want to take a break, go take one. If you want to do your work at 6am and finish at 10 am to go and enjoy the day, do it. It feels so good to be the boss.

4. Be the designer of your destiny.

How annoying is it to be part of a project team, only to have a team of losers that add absolutely no value. You struggle to finish before the deadline, but because you have to carry the weight of the entire team, you fail. Your herculean effort is out shined by the incompetence of your team, and you are lumped together with the rest of those losers, with no recognition for yourself.

As the Director of your own business, you take full responsibility for the outcome. You don’t have to rely on other people to get you over the line. If you need something done, you just do it. If there is a problem, you know it is your fault, so you have the power to fix it.

While taking responsibility for everything hardly sounds good, until you experience it, you will never know what you are missing out on. Being responsible gives you the power. Think of it this way. When you blame someone else for something, you give them the power, you can’t resolve the problem until they change. By being responsible yourself, you yourself have the power. The situation is resolved when you decide to resolve it.

5. Do it all from the comfort of your home.

I don’t know about you, but I hated having to travel to work. You wake up at the crack of dawn, only to spend hours on public transport, packed together like animals. I was no more aware of the rat race I was in, then when I was stuck, packed together, in a procession out of the subway.

Now I jump out of bed, have a shower, have a cup of coffee, and work on my business when I want.  So get yourself worked up. Make it your goal to be financial free. If you don’t have a business yet, invest in the knowledge required to build one. If you have one, invest in the knowledge required to have an incredible one.  Here is a video that I did Showing you How To Start Your Own Online Business

To your success

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