Affiliate Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

Affiliate Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

Affiliate Marketing has to be the best way for people who love working online to earn a good living. Earning money with affiliate marketing doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes a lot of trial and sadly a lot of errors.

Below is a guide to help you get started and not make the same mistakes I once did.

Affiliate Marketing


Learn what Affiliate Marketing is

Take it seriously

Finding the right niche

Don’t pick a topic you know nothing about

Aim towards building a better future

The importance of building a blog

What to sell

Sell to the right people

Learn what Affiliate Marketing is

If you look up the meaning of Affiliate Marketing on the internet, you will learn it’s a type of performance based Marketing, this is when a business rewards one or more of its affiliates for bringing customers to their products. I find an affiliate Marketer is someone who sell’s people’s products for commission. You create affiliate links and sales pages or create banners and you send customers to purchasing pages. Nowadays using targeted traffic to pages helps and leads to more sales.

If you search Affiliate networks to join you will find a number of them nowadays, but the most popular I would say are:

Commission Junction





Affiliate Marketing

Take it seriously

Affiliate Marketing isn’t something that will earn you millions right away it takes a lot of work to build your online business. It takes a lot of skill and needs a serious attitude. If you are passionate about marketing and wish to learn a good skill then affiliate marketing could be right for you.

If you are serious and want to learn about a marketing path that takes skill, then you need to understand that it takes time to master.

Finding the right Niche

Finding the right niche can become tricky, it needs to be something you are passionate about, otherwise you may end up working on something that doesn’t make you much money. What I find helps me when picking a niche is to ask myself the following:

Do people search content that’s related to my niche?

Will I make money?

How well are other businesses doing in this niche?

Do I have good knowledge of the topic?

Is it a niche that I am passionate about?

Will I fit in my niche?

Are my competitors writing unbeatable content?

Don’t pick a topic you know nothing about

One of the main problems is a lot of us end up building a website when we’ve no idea about the topic we’ve picked. I have seen this happen to friends over the years and learned from them to pick a topic I love writing about, one I have a lot of knowledge of. Or take time to learn about the topic in great detail before applying information to my website

It’s better to pick a topic you love talking about, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you may find yourself not succeeding. Get paid for doing something you love doing, when picking the right niche it becomes something you love to do and an enjoyable career path.

Aim towards building a better future

Look to build a customer base that will come back time after time. One that gets to know what you are about. We all want instant money, but that can sometimes be temporary. Remember to make plans to keep customers, offer free gifts on your website for their email and keep them interested by regular updates. Make sure to connect with them via social media also.

Don’t allow your commission to become more important than your customers. If you build a good audience you will also be building a good business.


Your blog is an important part of your future.

The importance of building a blog

Building a good blog is important for affiliate marketers, lots resort to buying blogs or websites nowadays but I don’t find this is always a good idea, learning to build your own blog in this game means people get a better understanding about what it is you are selling. Lots resort to spamming to make the odd sale but that doesn’t get you noticed in the long run.

I find using WordPress to be the best option because you can rely on third parties but what if your site gets removed? You aren’t fully in control of it. For instance, if you build a popular Facebook page with millions of fans, it starts earning you big money, what do you do if it gets removed?

What to Sell

Well now comes the question, what can you sell? Lots make the same mistake of not understanding that you can’t just sell anything on the internet.

The best way to find affiliate products to sell for your niche is to look what others are selling and also buying products yourself and trying them can sometimes help. Knowing what you are selling. Look for products that match your content. If your content is about health then sell health products. Think about your audience.

The sales page you send your customer to must be good, so it converts the customer into a buyer. Will your merchant provide support in case your product isn’t what the customer ordered?

Best places to stick affiliate links and banners

When placing banners on your site try not to go for the obvious place, which most do, that tends to be the sidebar. You are better placing your banners within your content. The same way Google Adsense suggests placing an ad within your content, you should with affiliate banners. You will find this will get you better results.

Over the years I have learned some very useful tips by using Adsense. For example, Google state how they only serve highly related ads, so ads that are targeted to the audience, they prefer them to be placed in the content, and they like them to blend in with the overall website.

So nowadays when I place an affiliate banner or link I follow what Google say. But I have found the best rule is to remember to advertise a highly related product and place the banner within your content. This normally leads to more sales, when a person reads your content and notices a product that’s related, you have a higher chance of making sales.

Don’t sell to the wrong people

Make sure you are selling to a targeted audience, nowadays placing your site on Facebook advertising or Twitter for business and pushing your products that way, can lead to more sales. You don’t want a person landing on your site who isn’t interested. You also do not want an audience who already have what you offer.

You need to buy targeted traffic to your website, don’t buy any old traffic, targeted visitors stay and are more likely to buy.

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