How To Use Twitter For Beginners Powerful 2016

Have you ever wondered how Twitter can make money?  You hear so many people using it for communication, promotion etc.

Twitter has a few powerful ways that allow it to be used as an excellent tool for growing your business.  The first thing you want to do is set up a profile and take the time to build out a good profile.  Spend some time loading up the best graphics, photos etc.  I see so many people on twitter with no image or any content about them.  Once you are done that start following the right people that are in your niche.  Engage, Like and Comment on their posts.  Play hard to get and make people come to you before you tell them what you do.  No one likes a spammer. The more engaged you are the more people are going to follow you.  The final thing is create powerful tweets.  Educate, Enlighten or Entertain is my policy for Social Media especially Twitter.  No sales or pushing offers.  You want to start with building an engaged audience.

Here is a great How To Video For Twitter


Let me know your thoughts.  Feel free to comment below.

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