There’s Big Money in how to use Pinterest for YouTube

You can make a lot of money if you know how to use Pinterest for YouTube. Pinterest is a social network which is used by many internet users. If you can know how to tap the power of Pinterest in marketing your YouTube videos, then you will easily increase your revenue. The process is simple, but if you have never tried it, there are several things you need to learn on how to use Pinterest for YouTube or you will get stuck. Here is a clear description on how you can use Pinterest
to grow your YouTube views:

Ensure you sign up in Pinterest and have an active YouTube channel

Pinterest has a feature where you can fetch videos from YouTube. For you to grow your YouTube
channel through tapping into the power of Pinterest, you should have an account in YouTube which you have optimized to have some activity. The Pinterest account can then allow you fetch videos from YouTube so that your viewers can interact with them from where you can make money in the process.

Brand your videos

The introduction and conclusion of your YouTube videos should be branded so that you can inform
the audience about what you are trying to market. If you have a website where you sale products, then you should ensure the introduction and the conclusion of your videos clearly explains what you are about to offer.

Come up with a Pinterest board aimed at promoting your YouTube channel

Pinterest is a social platform which you can use to access traffic from people already signed up in the platform or even from Google search. For you to be in a better position of accessing traffic from Pinterest, it is necessary to carry out research and know the right keywords you can focus on when creating the Pinterest board.

Use the right YouTube embedded link on Pinterest

If you check on the YouTube video on the share bottom, you will have two embedded links. There
is a short version and the long link. Use the long link to embed your videos on Pinterest. Avoid the shorter link because the platform may reject it assuming it is spam.

Uploading a new pin

In order to add a new YouTube video on Pinterest, you need to create a new pin. It is a process you need to know if you are serious in knowing on how to use Pinterest for YouTube. Click on add new pin in Pinterest then paste the embedded link you copied from YouTube.

Selecting the appropriate board

For your video to be featured on Pinterest, you need to upload it and select the board
where you will like to have it featured. Provided you had created a board, it makes
it easy for you to have related videos in a single board.

Add a description

Pinterest allows you a maximum of 500 characters so that you can describe your video. Ensure your copy is attractive so that people can be interested in viewing it.  Ensure you include some of the keywords you are aiming to rank. It is necessary to use Pinterest with YouTube in your marketing because it can easily make you money online.

Hoped this helped you on how to use Pinterest and YouTube together!
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