Social Media Strategy For Your Brand

This is probably one of the most important parts of running a successful business these days.  It does not matter if you are online or offline your potential customers and existing customers need you to be online.  Here the 3 most important reasons to have your business online.

  1.  Coming into 2018 everyone is online.  People will search to find you then check your social media.  They want to see reviews, how you interact with your customers and make sure your real.  20 years ago people wanted to see your physical location.  Now they will check you out online first.
  2. Having a social media presence allows you to handle customer service, answer questions and show them that you have the best service.
  3. Most important of all Social Media gives your business website or blog good social signals.  This is what GOOGLE and the other search engines look at to show Authority.  Without this you can not expaect to get on page 1 of any search.

Now where do you want to be?  So many social media sites do not try to tackle them all.  Here the 3 major ones to be on and 2 additional for more traffic.

  1. Facebook business page.  This is important since everyone is on Facebook, do not stop here and just rely on Facebook.
  2. Instagram.  You can upload pictures and share them to your audience.  Best part you can also connect over to Facebook so you are only posting once.
  3. Twitter.  This site is instant.  You can use hashtags and dial into what is trending.  This works similar to Instagram and if you connect this to your Facebook you are still only posting 1 time.  Instagram to Facebook to Twitter.  Very simple but you are covering a large are and potential audience for your business.
  4. YouTube and Google +.  I am putting these two together sine GOOGLE owns both of them.  You want to be found on GOOGLE search so you best be using there other assets to share.
  5.  The final one and this depends on your market is LinkedIN.  Imagine a networking group except you don’t have to pay for some meal at a restaurant and have people pretend to give you business.  This network is bigger then any Chamber, Rotary or Leads group.  LinkedIN is very powerful and you can make a fortune off this network.