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I know that you’re probably starting to get confused about what I am saying.  After all, no other person has ever mustered the courage to tell you this. Let me explain… 

I am completely sure that you’ve seen a particularly toxic trend on the internet lately… We're talking of the thousands of “push-button” make money packages, e-books, videos and programs that have become so famous now. 
The Gurus And Top Marketers Are Intentionally Causing
Information Overload
  •  They’re just selling dreams that will never be transformed into reality.
  •  They’re able to confuse, dazzle and overwhelm people at will by injecting them to this feared “information overload". 
  •  They seduce you with appealing and sexy sales pitches, making you drool over empty and hollow promises. 
  •  They have the ability to freeze and leave you stuck and utterly paralyzed…so that you’ll buy their products over and over again. 
  •  Why? Because that is the only way they make their money.
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Wouldn’t you like to finally be given a truly effective money-making system that’s easy to follow, doesn’t require too much of your time and most importantly, that could generate you a good full time income per year?
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  •  Without dubious “black hat” techniques. 
  •  Without wasting time and money on expensive product creation and advertising. 
  •  Without risk.
Like Most People I Have Talked To, You May Have Tried To Make Money Through Blogging Before But Didn’t Succeed.
However, Before Getting Into The Trenches Of How You Could Be Generating $100-$300 Per Day, Every Day, Let Me Tell You Why You Should Listen To Me.

My name is Dave Deib

I am a full time blogger and Internet Marketer.  I have built thousands of sites and web assets for big corporations and taught individuals and businesses all around the world how to increase web traffic and earn a good income working on the web.   I have spent the last 10 years working on a system that I can finally be proud of that will help anyone wanting to monetize a blog and get making a profit running their own business very fast. While working as little as 30 minutes per day.   I am not like others that use a stage name or you can't find them online.  I am virtually everywhere and on every Social Media.
If You Want A Money Making System That Will Get Rid Of Your Financial Problems, No Matter How Depressed The Economy May Be, 
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This is because over the past few years, I have been working on this blogging formula that I have tested over and over again and has been guaranteed to produce $100-$300 per day like clockwork.

Now, I have finished compiling a training course on this system. And the good news is that, I am about to hand over the course to you right now, so you can duplicate my success.
Viral Blog Machine 2.0

WATCH ME SET UP AND BUILD A BLOG - Finally a complete walk through on how to set up your WordPress blog including the right design, theme and the exact plugins that Myself and the top Internet Marketers in the world use for the best results. No more second guessing your blog, you will now be in the big league.

Complete Over The Shoulder Site Launch.

Watch over my shoulder as I  build one of these power blog  from scratch.

From buying the best domain, hosting even loading my secret theme and plugins that I use to create a profitable blog.  Most hide this from you I want you to know every secret I use.

You will even learn my FREE graphic builder that I use to build my logos. No more wasting money on graphics. If you can point click this software will work for you.

You do not need to be a writer a designer. 

How to monetize your Power blog.

This video is the simple, newbie-friendly method for making $100-$200+ per day (every day), even if you don’t have a list, product, or experience.

I will share with you my secret 3 affiliate programs that pull in commissions fast 24/7 when done right.  Most people blogging today don't even know these affiliate programs exist.  Tie them with my formula and it is almost impossible to fail.  The best part is you only need 30 minutes per day.

The Hidden Six Figure Traffic Source.

How to get targeted visitors to your brand new cash machine for pennies… this is high-quality BUYER traffic.  Spend more time doing the things you love to do like travel, family and enjoying your life.  I want to show you how to leverage these blogs to have total freedom in your life.

The affiliate program I personally use that pays INSTANT commissions right into my PayPal account… No waiting for weeks for affiliate payouts or checks in the mail… get paid today!

The fastest way to get all of this started and start making money right away… even if you’re a complete newbie.

In this special bonus video, the secret traffic source used by the big multi-million dollar earners is revealed.

Massive List Builder.

How to start building your own money-making list for FREE within 24 hours or less… 

Everything about list-building changed in 2017, and I’ll show you the RIGHT WAY to crush it with your own email list (it’s so much easier than you think when you do it this way)

Why you’ll never struggle to get traffic again… 
I’ll show you some powerful 100% FREE traffic methods that make it easy to get as much quality traffic as you want… 
THIS is the key to online success that no one is talking about!

BONUS #2  Pinterest Training.  
Learn The Hidden Traffic Strategy That Is Not Taught.
BONUS #3  YouTube Ads  
Discover How To Dominate Your Niche With YouTube Ads
Viral Blog Machine 2.0 Is Way More Than Your Ordinary Copy-And-Paste Guide That You See All Over The Internet.
  •  It will also allow you to say goodbye to all the lies and confusion about blogging and all of those gurus promoting useless programs that aren't worth it even if they’d give them for free.
  •  You can now have here a solid blueprint that delivers real blazing fast results that you've never imagined before. 
  •  All of the techniques laid out in this guide are true and proven-to-work. And you only need to put in a little effort to set up a blog that will be generating $100-300 per day in just days. 
  •  Imagine after 1-2 months and following this complete blueprint religiously and your little blog has started making you a regular extra $3K + every month.
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Viral Blog Machine 2.0
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30 Day Money Back. Look… I totally get it.  If you’ve bought courses or training in the past that promised the world and left you hanging, I can understand why you might be a little skeptical…

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